Main Activities

  • Software Marketing & Support
  • Training
  • Preparation of As-Built documents for process / power plants
  • Cable Engineering
  • Preparation of Loop drawings & Logic diagrams


  • Rösberg Engineering GmbH, Germany
  • F.I.R.S.T. GmbH, Germany
  • Bentley, Ireland
  • logi.cals, Austria
  • Cloudis Limited,UK


    • ProDOK NG®

    Professional CAE I&C system for EPCs and Plant Operators

    • LiveDOK NG®

    Real-Time Digital Plant Documentation

    • CONVAL®

    Tool for sizing, selection, optimizing and troubleshooting for different plant components

    • Auto PIPE Vessel®

    Software for mechanical design of:

    — Shell & Tube Heat Exchanger
    — Pressure Vessel
    — Air Cooler, Steel Stack, Tank etc.

    • CMPIC®

    Cable management software for controlling the design, routing and installation of all types of cabling

    • logi.DOC®

    Universal function planning tool

    (includes Logics off-line simulation)

    • logi.CAD®

    State-of-the-Art PLC Programming

Professional Articles

Cable Management Challenges

A document outlining the major challenges faced by companies  involved in cable design and installation and how CMPIC software addresses them.

Thermowell Failure - a Case Study

The thermowell may seem a fairly simple piece of equipment, designed to act as a barrier between temperature sensor and the process medium . . .

General Renovation Without Shutdown

Complete “Carefree” Plant Modernization Package

Heterogeneous Systems, Need of the Hour in Process Industry

One-system integrated engineering does not match up with reality . . .


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